Buyer's Guide

Every buyer despises the paperwork. No worries, I got you!

I have simplified the steps we need to do in order to purchase your

DMCI Homes condominium investment.

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Buying Process

1. Client Registration Form (CRF) 

  • This is the first step in owning your dream home or a new property investment. You need to register as a client of DMCI Homes online. Your trusted Property Consultant (seller) will be sending you a link wherein you can register.
    Registration is valid for 30 days.


2. Unit Holding 

  • After successful registration, you will be receiving an e-mail. On the e-mail, there is a unit holding button.
    The client or seller may hold the unit. This is usually done so clients can secure the unit before making a reservation or payment. Please take note of the validity:

  • Local clients - 24 hours 
    International clients - 72 hours

3. Reservation Agreement (RA) Form

  • Another e-mail from DMCI Homes will be sent to you after unit holding.
    On this e-mail, you will see two links for the RA Form and Payment Link. 

    • Before making a payment, please ensure;
      - The CRF link is valid (30 days validity)
      - RA Form is completely filled out
      - Present a valid ID with your photo, address, birthday and signature to your seller
      ​*Please ensure your address matches your proof of billing (to be submitted later on)

    • Click on the following links:

  1. RA Form (online) - Fill up and sign the form​.

  2. Payment link       - Click on the secured payment link for the reservation fee.​ ​

  • Reservation fee
    Unit – PHP 20,000.00
    Parking slot – PHP 10,000.00

4. Credit Info Verification

  • Requirements:

  1. RA Form​

  2. Proof of billing

  3. Signed computation sheet

  4. Proof of income (if applicable)

  5. Valid ID with photo and signature

  6. Authorization to use proof of billing form originally signed by the client (if applicable)
    *Please ask your seller for accepted proof of billing and additional documents, if any.

5. Contract to Sell 

  • After the verification process, the contract will be handed over to the client. Below are the requirements before the contract:

  1. Two valid IDs (Government ID / Company ID)

  2. Verified Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

  3. Checklist of required documents

  4. Client Registration Form

  5. Reservation Agreement Form

  6. Photocopy of Official Receipt / Provisional Receipt

  7. Special Power of Attorney (if applicable)​

*Please be informed that required documents may vary depending on the client. For more details, talk to an agent you can trust.